Franchise Compliance

"Franchise Compliance transformed how we handle compliance! Simply put, they manage the tough and tedious tasks while we focus on driving system wide growth..."

DISRUPTING THE OLD DYNAMICS OF COMPLIANCE! Each franchisor's operational standards hold the key to their undisputed success. Let our expert team take charge of measuring your franchisees performance against these critical benchmarks, enabling you to stay out of the fray! With our assistance, you can foster a culture of positivity and growth, while we safeguard your brand's integrity and ensure each franchisee keeps their focus on delivering an unwaveringly consistent customer experience.

"Outsource Compliance! Less time, money, and a lot less grief!"

Compliance & Regulatory Oversight

Stay abreast of changes in franchise laws, regulations, and industry standards, ensuring your company's compliance and adapting to the most effective

strategies accordingly.

FDD Drafting, Review and Registration

Develop, review, and revise your Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), Franchise Agreement, and related legal documents to ensure compliance with regulatory standards at the same time protecting your company's interests.

Franchise Dispute Resolution

Handle franchise-related disputes, mediate negotiations, and, when necessary, representing your company in litigation or alternative dispute

resolution proceedings.


Quantify Your Customer's Experience

Franchise Compliance introduces a new service allowing franchise brands to measure their customer's experience against the established standards and procedures set forth in the Franchise Agreement.

Now thorny compliance issues can be resolved outside your office and for a lot less money!